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Saturday, April 20
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Word of the Day

Parthian • \PAR-thee-un\  • adjective

1 : of, relating to, or characteristic of ancient Parthia or its people

2 : relating to, being, or having the effect of a shot fired while in real or feigned retreat


After being fired, the coach gave a Parthian shot to the general manager informing him that he was a churlish miser.

"Although the exact origins of polo are unknown, it earned its reputation as 'the sport of kings' in the Parthian Empire in Persia and the Byzantine Empire…" — Town & Country, May 2018

Did you know?

The adjective Parthian, which often shows up in the phrase "Parthian shot," has its roots in the military strategies of the ancient Parthians. One of the fighting maneuvers of Parthian horsemen was to discharge arrows while in real or feigned retreat. The maneuver must have been memorable because "Parthian shot" continues to be used for a "parting shot," or a cutting remark made by a person who is leaving, many centuries after the dissolution of the Parthian empire.

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