The Really Juicy Stuff

I was once asked (on a CS test, no less) how I am unique. That question took me by surprise. What I mean is, we go through this process as we get older in which we begin to expand our view of the world. As children we are totally self centered, and it isn't until later that we begin to understand and empathize with others. I think the final step is determining our place in the world.

So with that in mind, let's find out who I am. Most of the following is simply idle ramblings, so be warned. By the way, if you actually enjoy reading this, you might need to seek professional help.

I had a rough childhood but I made it. On second thought, a friend of mine had it rougher than me. He had his thumb broken by some guys who thought he had stolen something. I guess I just had a childhood.

Lyceum Well, I'm a music fanatic. My tastes range from classical to bluegrass to blues to jazz. I have an appreciation for country, rap and death metal, but I'm not rushing out to buy the next Clint Black or Snoop Doggy Dog album.

Recently I graduated from the University of Mississippi, affectionately called Ole Miss. It was there that I got a couple degrees in Physics and Computer Science. I worked a little, studied a little, and made some good friends. Overall, the town of Oxford is a pretty cool place.

Currently I live in Charlottesville, where I work and play. Like most southern towns, it has its share of beauty and quaintness. By the way, the Espresso Corner serves a great latte.

If you're interested, check out a picture of my wife Dorothy that I made using the Persistence of Vision raytracer. (Here's another.) The chessboard and background are from the raytracer, and the image of her is from a photo.

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