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Thoughts on Christianity and God

These pages contain a bunch of my random ramblings on religion. They were composed around 1996, when I was trying to understand Christianity and my own beliefs prior to getting married to a Christian.

I've tried to approach the subject with a very logical mindset, and have struggled to remain objective, thorough, and precise. I hope that we have grown beyond the level that caused Thomas Aquinas to say, "But in the things of God natural reason is often at a loss."

Please note that I am a weak atheist (doubts the existence of God), but have tried to be as objective as possible. I agree with most of the Bible's teachings, and certainly agree with the spirit of the New Testament. Nevertheless, I'm sure my own viewpoint has biased my thoughts, and I encourage criticism. Simply click on my e-mail address at the bottom of any page to send me comments.

If you are a Christian, please do not take my statements personally. I am not attacking you, but rather exploring the whole issue of Christianity, warts and all. My being an atheist does not make me an anti-theist, as some would like to label me. Please read What It Means To Be An Atheist below for an elaboration on this.

These writings are in roughly chronological order, and they show the development of my thoughts as I have been studying this subject. The first topic I tackled was the literal inerrancy of the Bible, and have since delved into issues on morality. As a result, my thinking has changed over the course of about a year, which makes some of my earlier writing unrepresentative of my current viewpoint. In particular, many of my early writings were aimed toward the factual basis of Christianity, and ignored issues regarding spirituality and faith. I've written the page on liberal Christianity to consolidate some of my current thoughts.

All Biblical quotations are from the New International Version, except where noted. They are offset from the main text as block quotes, and the reference is given parenthetically at the end. Ellipses are used to indicate omitted text before or after the quoted text.

My First Steps in Contemplating Christianity

The Inerrancy of the Bible

Personal Questions and Problems with Christianity

Arguments For and Against Christianity

Various Essays on the Bible

Modern Christianity

Creation and Evolution


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