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"You obviously are not educated in the Scriptures but rather like a child picking up a book and telling about the book by picking out sentences here and there without understanding the whole book. Perhaps, like C.S. Lewis, you will come to know the true God of the universe through the love and grace of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit." -- E-mail, 3/6/97


"I came across your page on the subject, and I just want to tell you that I understand and agree with a lot of the points you have raised. I was brought up in a Christian environment, so I have a good understanding of it. I am not now. But I just wanted to say that the way you approach Christianity is far different than many atheists around. You do a great job being objective and pointing out the inconsistancies, but without coming off as 'bashing' those who are Christian. In fact, a Christian gave me the URL, and said 'Check this out, you might find it interesting.' I do. 'What It Means To Be Atheist' is excellent too. So Kudos, and keep up the wonderful job." -- E-mail, 3/5/97

"Your site is very interesting. You occupy a sparsly populated middle ground between Christianity and secularism, believing in the value of the New Testaments's message while doubting the veracity of its source. As an atheist of the strong variety, I wish there were more people like you; perhaps them one could bridge the gap betwenn Christianity and atheism with more intelligent and respectful debate, with less dogamatic intolerance on the one side and less explosive derision on the other. " -- E-mail, 6/8/98

"I, having been raised from childhood to believe the entire 66 books of the bible as inspired by God and wholly factual, have lived with shame and confusion whenever I would doubt its authenticity. Your site has been very helpful because you approach discussions about the Bible with kindness and consideration and not hostility or insensitivity. I feel more at ease now researching and understanding the Bible as a work that was written by fallible human hands, and feel the many years of fear and indoctrination lifting." -- E-mail, 12/10/2003

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